Version 1.0.2
Your Internet Spaceship Compass
NAV is a companion app for EVE Online, built with the roamer in mind. NAV lays out the solar systems of EVE Online as a navigable graph, giving you timely statistics and data as you travel. Whether you're looking to find other players or avoid them, NAV will give you the tools you need to do the job.
  • Navigate the entire EVE universe
  • Station and faction details
  • System planets and belts overview
  • System statistics for the last 48 hours, including jumps, player ship kills, pod kills and NPC kills
  • Route calculator finds quickest, safest or all low-sec routes
  • System search to quickly pull up details for any system, including wormhole space
  • Navigation history shows travel route
Compatible with iPad running iOS 7+. Internet connection required for statistics display.


NAV attempts to visualize the EVE Online universe in a new way. It presents each solar system in EVE as part of a graph which flows as you navigate from system to system. It combines this with compact yet detailed statistics and data for each system, collected by a backend server and delivered to you as you move about. At a glance you can see which systems around you are busy or empty, which systems are actively being farmed for NPCs and which systems are… deadly.

One system is always at the focus and all other systems are arranged around it. Systems are colored according to their security level and each system shows its name, services, planets, asteroid belt count, station and faction information. Systems chart their jumps, NPC kills, player ship kills and pod kills for the last 48 hours. The current value is labeled, as are the high and low points for each statistic.

Tap or pinch the focus system to expand its details. All system stations are shown along with the services they provide. The count of each planet type within the system is shown. For the system's NPC pirate faction, the optimal ammo and defense types are shown.

Navigate from system to system by either tapping on a system or by swiping from the direction of a neighboring system. The new system will become the focus and the systems it is connected to will be dynamically arranged around it.


Version 1.0.2

  • NEWNavigation history is now tracked at the top of the screen. Move forward or backward through your history. Tap a history item to focus on that system. Double tap to trim the history.

Version 1.0.1

  • First public release



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